Is cold water extraction safe?

by Jannie on December 12, 2013

As the process entails one being cautions it can be very safe. If one can just be very keen on ensuring that all the content and the equipment used are clean, then there can be no any risk whatsoever. The only problem can come when you are not using clean utensils.

 What are the side-effects of hydrocodone?

There are a number of side-effects that one can experience after using this medication. Some of the side-effect can be severe while others can be just mild. Some of these side-effects include, low abnormal blood pressure, drowsiness, feeling faint, Dizziness, feeling weak and also throwing up. This is the most frequent side-effect associated with the medication. There are also some of the side-effects that are rare, but very severe. This includes, slow heartbeat, swelling of the vocal cords, spasm of the larynx, portion of the lung collapsing, a decrease in lung function, trouble in breathing, chance in pulse and many other issues.

Hydrocodone addiction

cold water extraction side-effects of hydrocodone

There are instances where people use the medication without the doctor’s advice, or as well taking an overdose of the drug. This can be collectively termed as abuse of the drug. As well there are some people who can find it hard to do without the medication and this may result to an addiction.

Signs and symptoms

Since the signs of one abusing the drug vary from one person to another, it might be difficult at times to know if one is abusing the drug or not. Nevertheless some of the common symptoms are

Asking for a frequent refilling of the drug

Trying to get more than one doctor to give you the drug

Spending most of your time alone and always from others

Taking much of your time on the medication

An abrupt chance in the normal social activities
Frequent mood swings.

If the drug is just taken as prescribed by the doctor it a can actually help in containing pain, but at times it can lead to an addiction. It is important that one who has an addiction to the medication tries to seek some help from a rehab that offers the kind of help for such condition. At times it is advisable for one to use tylenol 3 if the pain is just for a short while. This can help reduce the chances of an addiction. As well Percocet can be used when the pain is severe.

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