The process of Cold Water Extraction

by Jannie on July 12, 2013

CWE or Cold Water Extraction is a method for removing the liver-carnaging paracetamol from your recommendation opiate tablets. For instance, the hydrocodone in Vicodin is more dissolvable in coldwater than the paracetamol, thus to reduce the levels of paracetamol when taking huge doses of Vicodin CWE is utilized, so less harm is done to the liver.

General info on Cold Water Extraction

The existence of paracetamol in tablets is to add to the relief of ache, but it is harmful and at times it is lethal if taken in high doses as it may damage the liver, particularly if alcohol is consumed with it. The universal dosage of paracetamol that is suitable to be taken each day is 4000mg ( or 4grams ), although, few persons with a high forbearance for opis will take tablets that would jointly hold more paracetamol than the suggested dosage, damaging their liver and in some instances it may also cause them to take a trip to the ER.
That is what these similar people utilise Cold Water Extraction to get rid of the paracetamol away from the pills and be anxious only about the dosage of the opioids in their tablets

What type of pills should be used for Cold Water Extraction?

The ones with paracetamol, also known as Tylenol or Acetaminophen. Tablets containing opiate can also be used, although Caffeine generally cannot be gained.

How to isolate the hydrocodone?cold water extraction

  • 2 vessel to hold water
  • Filter paper or coffee filter
  •  stir the solution
  • Crushing the mixture

The knowledge behind this removal is that Aspirin and Acetaminophen are almost unsolvable in water, and even more so in water at freezing conditions. Although, most opioid narcotics are highly dissolvable in water. The plan is to hang up the dissolvable narcotic in water and take out the waste materials out of it.

Steps to be followed:Cold Water Extraction

1. Crush your tablets to a uniform powder. Suitable items for doing this would be a medical tablet crusher. After you make the powder put it into a glass.

2. Pour chilled water (about 10 degrees and about 2-12ml per tablet as per its volume) into the glass so that the tablet waste is properly inundated. Mix it well unless it becomes a milky liquid.

3. Place the filter on the opening of the 2nd glass, filter the milky liquid through, press the filter unless it is left with a ‘cap’ of paracetamol in the filter, if you are using a paper filter this is not at all required.

4. after this, remove the filter and the solution is ready to be drank.

There is a chance that you could boil away the water and get a clean hydrocodone residue.

note down that codeine essentially solves better in room conditions to chilled water, using hot water only spoils time by making the liquid to be stuck in the freezer, only freeze the liquid if you are using warm or hot water. Therefore it is better to use normal water to perform the cold water extraction.

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