The best of cold water extraction can do for you

by Jannie on October 13, 2013

Best Cold Water Extraction is one of the most effective processes to separate hydrocodone and some other elements from the pill which can have adverse side effects on your body. How you can do cold water extraction at home and remove the toxic materials from the pills.

Transform the solid tablet into powder:

You can go through the best cold water extraction process if the pills are in powder form. In case of capsules, you can easily take the powder out of the capsule. However, in case of tablet you need to transform it into powder by the help of pestle. Then put the powder in a pot. If you don’t have any pestle at your home you can use any other object having rounded edge.

Take container and fill it with water:

Then you need to take a container and fill it with water perfectly. If you want to go through the process for four pills you need to take water 1/8 cup approximately. You have to take this water in room temperature. Generally distilled water should be used in this case. However, if you do not have that you can use tap water as substitution.

Pour the contents of capsule into water:

best cold water extraction

What you need to do next is that you have to put the powder of the content of the capsule or tablet into that water. Then you have to mix it thoroughly with the water.

Put it in the freezer:

Then put the container into freezer for around 30 minutes. Well, the time can vary a bit for various pills. You have to keep the container inside the freezer till the moment when the mixture will transform into ice crystals at the edge of the container. You can do the same thing in a refrigerator but in that case, you have to keep the mixture inside it for an hour.

Place the coffee filter in a separate container:

Then you have to take a separate container and place one coffee filter on it. You need to use the rubber bend for separating the container and the coffee filter. Now through the filter you have to pour the content of the first container. When you see that there is nothing in the original container, just take the filter out. You have to squeeze out the remaining liquid which is in the filter to get the full extract.

Dispose of the coffee filter:

In that coffee filter you can now find acetaminophen and hydrocodone. So you need to dispose it off for sure. Thus best cold water extraction can make the pills better for your health. As in the coffee filter all the elements which are bad for health are accumulated, it is extremely necessary to dispose it carefully.

Be careful:

Be very careful when you are going through the best cold water extraction process so that it does not decrease the other components of the pill because then it can be an absolute wastage of the pill and it can also cause some side effects.

This process thus can help you to get rid of the various adverse side effects of the medicines which you generally take. Cold water extraction process is extremely easy and you can try it at home for sure.

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