What is cold water extraction

by Jannie on November 23, 2013

There are many people around the globe who undergo pain on a daily basis. For few of them, the suffering is harsher than the lessening effects that Acetaminophen only can prevent. Sadly, there are times that people suffering from such pain are given a prescription that has Acetaminophen, and unquestionably they want to wipe out the side effects that this preservative causes.

In general, a process whereby a matter is taken out from a mixture by the use of cold water is known as “Cold Water Extraction”. It is a kind of partial crystallization. This method normally engages having a mixture of substance, liquefying them in temperate water, and then hastily cooling that mixture.Hydrocodone

The soluble components stay dissolved whereas insoluble composites precipitate out of the water. Thereafter, this solution can then be separated by processes like decantation and filtration. The existence of APAP in the medicines is to add to the pain relief; however, it is extremely hazardous and sometimes lethal if used in large quantity as it may damage the liver, particularly if alcohol is taken along with it.

The all-purpose amount of APAP that is tolerable to be taken each day is no more than 4000mg (4g), but, at times, some people with a high resistance for opiate would take tablets that would together include more APAP than the suggested dose, injuring their liver and in some conditions cause them to take a ride to the ER.

Cold Water Extraction, or simply as CWE, is a process for eliminating the liver-damaging APAP from your prescribed opiate medications. For instance, the APAP is less dissolvable in coldwater than the hydrocodone in Vicodin. Therefore, in order to reduce the quantity of APAP while consuming large doses of Vicodin, Cold Water Extraction can be used in order to avoid any severe harm done to the liver.

Cold water extraction works by the means of exploiting the dissimilarities in solubility (with regard to temperature) of various materials in a mixture. It is generally used to set aside opiate-derived medicines that have been combined with ordinary non-opiate-based pain-relieving agents, such as are seen in Paracetamol or Codeine (Acetaminophen) formulae, & also in drugs like Vicodin & Zaldiar.

Cold water extraction does not have a very difficult procedure. But, since we are trading with potentially toxic elements, all necessary safety measures are supposed to be taken. For the most excellent and harmless results each and every Cold Water Extraction technique should be read entirely and cautiously.

Easy step for Cold Water Extraction

CWE can be performed following a few easy steps, but remember to handle stuff with extreme care as it is the matter of your health.

First of all confirm you’re thorough with sanitation or hygiene. Many chemical practices go devastating because of carelessness.

Get your tablets crushed by placing it in an envelope using a large rolling pin or something like that. In this way, you won’t lose any powder; extremely well if you have the pills in low quantity.

Alternatively, you can grind the tablets into fine powder using a coffee grinder. A pestle and mortar can be used as well. Use any method that is convenient to you.

However capsules are preferred rather than using tablets as they are easily dissolvable in water. They contain very little amount of filters, furthermore, they don’t need to be crushed.

Now, dissolve the powder into hot or warm water. Water must not be too hot. Use a large flat surface container as it cools the water faster. If you are using a dozen of pills, a quarter cup (50 to 60 ml) of water would be sufficient.

Again the accuracy using the proportions of the substances is the key. Too much water can be difficult to handle while filtration, whereas, too little water will end up giving you a useless paste. Liquefy the powder in the water.

Shake or stir till all the clusters are disappeared. The whole idea is to cool the mixture rapidly, this is the magical part.

Cover the bowl containing the mixture & put it in the freezer. Pay attention! The mixture should be too cold but you must prevent it from icing up. Now is the time to filter out the unwanted aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen etc.

Firstly, set a coffee filter (pre-wet) over the top of a cup or any other container and tighten it with a rubber band or anything alike.

Patiently empty the mixture from the freezer into the cup. You can use more than a single cup along with filters in order to fasten up the filtration process.

When it seems like the coffee filter isn’t dripping any longer, and nothing left to filter through is present there, you will be left with a dense material.

It is better to avoid re-filtering the leftovers, it’s not worth the time & effort. The solution should be slightly cloudy or it could be very clear like water. Your solution is ready to be drunk.

However, the key to good health & wellbeing is that you must by no means alternate your prescription. Not only are you getting rid of acetaminophen but your also eliminating filler that aid defend your stomach. Eliminating such protection can be a cause for severe side effects of the drugs.


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